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Dillon  Kunelius

Dillon Kunelius Asked 7 months ago

Hello Alois! You probably have no recollection of me but I emailed you questions a few years ago. Maybe you recall me as the highschooler that "plays on a college level." In any case, that statement has proven to be pretty ridiculous. I attended a tournament the other day and ended up losing every match! I noticed that I was mostly having issue with returning my opponent's backspin shots. I also noticed that whenever I went to drive the ball forward, it ended up on the net before I could even follow through with the shot! Even when I went for a push instead of a topspin drive, the ball would quickly bounce off the rubber before it could change the ball's spin. I use a killerspin jet800 and I'm wondering if that bat is too springy for someone of my skill level. I know it may be hard to tell without a video, but do you think the issue lies with my choice in bat along with my technique? If so, do you think the palio master 2 would be a good alternative to my overpowered racket?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 months ago

Hi Dillon,

I think the bat would be OK.  It sounds like you just need some experience playing against backspin.

With the push, really face your bat to the ceiling and with the topspin, focus on brushing the ball up vertically with a fast action to counteract the spin.  They are things that sound easy but until you are facing the backspin it is hard to feel what will happen.

You will get there with a few adjustments.

BTW, everyone finds it difficult to estimate how good they are until they play in a. club and play some tournaments or competition.  Good to hear that you are still playing and enjoying the game.

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