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Darcy Graves

Darcy Graves Asked 7 months ago


I'm struggling to play as a defensive chopper against left handers. Serves generally don't go to my backhand, the loops spin away from my backhand with sidespin or it goes into my body. What advice would you have to play against left handers


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 months ago

Hi Darcy,

Not sure I should give away secrets of my fellow left handers. haha

One thing that a lot of left handers struggle with is the deep chop to the wide forehand corner.  They often hit the forehand well when they pivot and play the forehand.

If you are finding they are swimming the ball wide to your backhand with sidespin this can help as you it is more difficult for them to hook their wrist when the ball is wider.

With the return of serve, think about moving closer to the ball that is swinging away.  I find thinking about getting your nose closer to the ball helps.  Of course you need to find a left hander and try to get more practice returning this type of serve.

The main though is that you need to find the individual weaknesses of the left handed player.

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D K Posted 7 months ago

Also,Darcy,if they fire with sidespin to you,try to aim for their backhand corner with your chops.
I know your pain very well.

Regarding the service receive,I sometimes step over and use my backhand,or I resort to forehand receive.
I generally do not rely on my rubbers.

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