Why can't I think in a game?

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ker Gordon

ker Gordon Asked 8 years ago

Hi Pingskills 

I posted a question about this a year ago and still find I find it difficult to think in a match.  Off the table I am great at identifying weaknesses in opponents but when it comes to going on the table myself, well... it's a completely different story.  I always have my tactics ready before a match but I never seem to get as far as using them, it's all completely subconscious thinking. I think part of the reason I can't think is because I am so focused on the ball it blocks out all thoughts; in fact sometimes I can't even remember the match! I know if I can over come this mental barrier I can be so much better and reach my full potential.Yesterday I videoed myself playing an opponent.  I was horrified at what I was doing, It was so stupid like I actually gave him the match.This opponent had a monstrous 3rd ball off a push on both sides, yet instead of touching it short or trying to flick I pushed! What am I doing? I've tried so hard to fix this problem.

Thanks I appreciate any advice.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Cameron,

Try this as an idea, and I can't remember what I told you a year ago...

Try to watch yourself during a match.  So while you are playing, imagine that you are sitting in the stand and watching yourself.  You can even identify someone that is watching and say to yourself, "what would they tell me to do?"

Let me know how you go with it.

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ker Gordon

ker Gordon Posted 8 years ago

Thanks, great tip. I'll let you know how it goes.

alex yulo

alex yulo Posted 8 years ago

Try clear your mind use your instinct instead...  

ker Gordon

ker Gordon Posted 8 years ago

Wow Great tip, really effective.I managed to come back from 2-0: I took a deep breath imagined I was the coach and came cruising back into the game, beating the guy 2 5 and 1! the funny story is my team-mate called me over to give me coaching I kind of said 'No it's fine' everyone assumed I'd gave up including the opponent .


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 8 years ago

Well done Cameron.  You have taken a big step quickly.

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