Who will win olympics?

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Oliver Asked 12 years ago

Who do you guys think will win gold medal in mens singles, womens singles (and doubles if it will be reintroduced 2012 london olympics? Im putting my money on Ma Long.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Oliver,

This is a good question.  I think Ma Long has a good chance but it is still a bit far off I think to see who will be in good form at that time.

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Claus Hamacher

Claus Hamacher Posted 12 years ago

Even Timo Boll has a chance - he would have to beat only 1 Chinese....


Oliver Posted 12 years ago

bolls too old. he doesnt stand much of a xhance against ma long zhang jike etc

Claus Hamacher

Claus Hamacher Posted 12 years ago

You must be kidding - he is 30.

I doubt he will ever be World Champion, but the rules of the Olympics (no more than 2 representatives for each nation) work to his favour. As I understand it, he will only have to face 1 Chinese player on the way to a gold medal. On a good day, Boll can beat any opponent, as he has proven in past.

I am not saying he is the top favourite - but his chances of grabbing gold at the Olympics are certainly better than his chances of becoming World Champion. 

Arnon Thaicharoen

Arnon Thaicharoen Posted 12 years ago

I would place my bet on either Ma Long or Zhang Jike. Both are in top shape recently.

Ian Costello

Ian Costello Posted 12 years ago

What about Ma Lin? He's 32 and won the Volckswagon Open last year.

Claus Hamacher

Claus Hamacher Posted 12 years ago

As I said: only 2 players per nation. Ma Lin is not one of them.

Kevin Z

Kevin Z Posted 12 years ago

I saw that Wang Hao and Zhang Jike signed up for the olympics. Does that mean Ma Long isn't going to enter? Or are there other possibilities?

Claus Hamacher

Claus Hamacher Posted 12 years ago

You are right - I have checked: Wang Hao and Zang Jike will play for China.

 So the chances of Ma Long winning gold are relatively slim... 

andrew brand

andrew brand Posted 12 years ago

i hope Michael Maze is entering the olympics, when on form he is great to watch, and can beat anyone on his day.

Claus Hamacher

Claus Hamacher Posted 12 years ago

Here you can see who has qualified:


Michael Maze is on the list. 


Oliver Posted 12 years ago

anyhow im excited to see what william henzell will do this time. Last time he nearly bet Wang Liqin...

ashley koh jia jhin

ashley koh jia jhin Posted 12 years ago

I am voting for Timo Boll to get gold.


Oliver Posted 12 years ago

Ok...so Timo boll has more supporters than I thought...maybe he will get gold. Who knows?

Galen Corvan- Hughes

Galen Corvan- Hughes Posted 12 years ago

There is more than 2, remember last olympics, china had three men competing. The ittf will pick another player to participate, so ma lin might make it.

Atanas Atanasov

Atanas Atanasov Posted 12 years ago

No way! Zhang Jike is the secure olympic champion!!

Judah Cagas

Judah Cagas Posted 12 years ago

Ma Long will not play in singles. he will just play in the teams event. 

wanghao and zhang jike will play in singles. But I am rooting for wang hao to win


Oliver Posted 12 years ago

i think china wants another grand slam. wang hao and zhang jike both only need a singles medal to gain this feat

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