Who used the Pendulum serve first?

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Larry Bodnovich

Larry Bodnovich Asked 9 years ago

I used to play table tennis about 30 years ago. I always had trouble with tricky spin serves when I was younger. I just began playing some recently and now all I see is everybody uses a pendulum serve. Or at least online since these days we have You Tube. I have not played anybody yet that uses it but I am sure it will give me problems if and when I do.

Being away from the game for a long period, I am now wondering when or how did this pendulum serve take over. Was it any single player who came up with it or how or who began using it first? I have searched for answers on this question but not much luck.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Larry,

The Pendulum serve has been popular for a while now.  Other serves are starting to be used a bit more now though.

The Chinese started using it first.  I am not sure who would be credited with it.  Other readers may know.

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Thoughts on this question

Larry Bodnovich

Larry Bodnovich Posted 9 years ago

Thanks Alois for the interesting feedback.

Franc Sevcik

Franc Sevcik Posted 9 years ago

are you referring to the tomahawk serve and the reverse pendulum?



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Larry Bodnovich

Larry Bodnovich Posted 9 years ago

Franc, No I meant about what time period did the Chinese begin using it. Or what period did most players start using it. It was not this popular when I player years ago. I remember the tomahawk serve being used. I even used it some.

So are we talking some time in the 90s?

Arnab Ghosh

Arnab Ghosh Posted 9 years ago


I am sure it was before the 1990s. In the old videos I saw the likes of Applegren, Waldner and his Chinese opponents using it.

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