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elvin tee

elvin tee Asked 10 years ago

Hi, coach.

Here is my question. When my opponent return a loop to me with a chance to do topspin stroke, I want to do a topspin stroke but I still do a chop or loop. So, how to maintain topspin stroke and not a loop if I have a chance to do topspin stroke. Any 

suggestion or tips for me?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Elvin,

It is difficult to make the topspin against topspin stroke.  It is something that you can trial in training.  Take a look at our lesson on Topspin to Topspin.

Then it is a mindset to be able to play the stroke.  You need to commit to making the topspin stroke.  Often when you tense up you will revert to the defensive strokes.  Try to stay relaxed and allow yourself to make the topspin stroke.

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eduardo espinosa

eduardo espinosa Posted 10 years ago

Hello, Mr. Tee. Although I'm a newcomer to Ping Skills I have been playing T T for many years. I have special interest in your question myself so I will give you what I have learned. Hope you haven't lost interest in the subject yet. Basically you need to get the mindset coach Alois is telling you. I think that comes after you know the shot very well because you have done it many times in training. This implies that you have improved your footwork and that you can anticipate when it will be the better shot. Usually it is not the best shot when you are only introducing it to your repertoire, so be patient. If you are used to slow down the opponents shot by under-spinning now you are doing the opposite so you need to have better touch when top-spinning because you are attacking the faster part of the ball instead of the slowest. Meaning, in your new mindset, you need to be somewhat more alert and focused than before while remaining relaxed. The first time you do it in a match you will have definitively improved your game.

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