Which way to angle racket for Left/Right sidespin?

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Aaron Lin

Aaron Lin Asked 3 years ago

For sidespin I know that the racket has to angle either towards left or right depending on the type of serve they doing.

For example if opponent serve standard pendulum or reverse pendulum or backhand serve or punch serve, also if he is right or left handed, it produces different kind of sidespins. 

When I am receiving service is there any way that's fast and easy to remember in order to familiar myself/memorize which way i should angle the racket?

Because of combination of Left right/ hand players and all sorts of different serves sometimes I don't react fast enough and as a result might angle racket to the complete opposite side and the sidespin makes the ball just goes out. 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Aaron,

This takes a while to be able to process quickly enough.

One simple idea is to aim towards where the bat started for the serve.  If it starts from your left and moves to your right then aim to your left.

Take a look through what is available in the Introduction to Receiving section of the site.


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