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Spinny Asked 1 month ago

Hello Alois,

Something I have always wondered since beginning playing table tennis is where I should be looking during different sections of a rally.

Originally, I have always tracked the ball up until after it bounces and then I look at the opponent's side before striking the ball, which means I strike the ball without even looking at it because I'm  already looking at my opponent to gauge what he or she will do. This has worked for a long time, but I've started to encounter the problem of missing the ball and having clip the bottom of my racket as I mentioned before.

However, a very good player told me that I should be watching the opponent while the ball is on that side and watching the ball intently all the way up until it hits my racket while on my side. This improves my shots, but then I am not ready for the next shot.

Forehands are the main problem because you can strike the ball out of sight while backhands are struck directly in front.

I have noticed that professional players will watch the ball intently at all times, especially Timo, which he always says is extremely important.

What do you think and what do you do? I'm not exactly sure what to train and would like to make sure I am practicing the correct technique.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago


I think watching the ball intently throughout is theist way to go.  It is too difficult to change your focus during a rally when the ball is travelling so fast.

If you watch the ball closely you will see your opponent peripherally and also see other things that are relevant to the rally.

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