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Table Tennis Rules

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Rita Mannello

Rita Mannello Asked 7 years ago

Hello, I'm a beginner player and just enjoy table tennis.   I play with friends and they play 21 pts and 4 players at a time.  Each player gets 5 serves and they serve from the right and the left corners.  According to the lessons, serves should be only from the right.   I also think that 5 serves is way too much.   What are your thoughts?    Also it is difficult for me to return the ball when the opponent hits it hard, fast and with a spin.

Thank You,


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Rita,

The new rules of Table Tennis say that games are played up to 11 points and you have 2 serves at a time each.

Here is a link to our Rules page so tat you can show the others and get them to start to play by the new rules. Table Tennis Rules.

It is best to play by the standard rules so that wherever you play in every club or city or around the world you know you will be familiar with them.

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