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Robin Nilsson

Robin Nilsson Asked 8 years ago

Hey Pingskills! I was wondering if you could explain which tactics and general things to do against different weaknesses. For instance; how do you play against a person with weak footwork, or how you play against a person with weak topspins, one with weak backspins, or Maybe how to play an inconsistent player, the list goes on with weaknesses and I am sure you can mention a Lot more weaknesses. So the question is how to use you opponents different weaknesses to your advantage.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Robin,

We are starting to build up a series of lesson in our Match Strategy lessons that you will be able to use.  Take a look through these and see what there is already.

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Robin Nilsson

Robin Nilsson Posted 8 years ago

Yeah Thanks for replying, I have seen a couple of those, Maybe You'll make some more in that series, but from what I have seen and can tell you mostly discuss how to play against different types of players and their strengths rather than their weaknesses. But I Will make sure I see all match strategy videos and see if it helps answer My question, otherwise I'm looking forward for that coming in later videos in the series. :)

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