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Last updated 12 years ago

Jorge Sanchez

Jorge Sanchez Asked 12 years ago

Hi my name is Jorge. I was playing Table Tennis with my friend and he hit the ball to my side of the table, i returned it to him with backspin. When the ball hit his side of the table, the ball bounced back to my side without my friend hitting the ball with his paddle. I could not reach the ball after that. Who gets the point?

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 12 years ago

The good news is that you win the point Jorge. Your opponent must hit the ball otherwise you win the point. What happened in your match? Did you play the point again or did one of you claim the point?

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Jorge Sanchez

Jorge Sanchez Posted 12 years ago

Well, we didn't know who's point it was, so we re-did it and i lost because of that point.But it was against my friend.

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