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Andrew Unknown

Andrew Unknown Asked 12 years ago

Hello, me and my friends play ping pong quite often but are not really competition material. I'm able to beat most of them currently with my grip but I've noticed some disadvantages. My grip is held with only the thumb on the back of the paddle, while the rest of my hand is gripping the bat. Only one side of the paddle is used for both forehand and backhand, and is achievied by tilting my wrist left or right. The paddle is usually at a horizontal level during play. This gives me a huge advantage with my backhand but my forehand is a bit weaker.

My main disadvantage, which I'm hoping you'll address, is that I'm unable to smash properly. Because of the way in which I grip the paddle, it is very difficult to execute a proper forehand or backhand smash. I have also noticed that it is very difficult to add spin as well. This grip is mainly a push and defend grip, it is very accurate when I'm rallying and I've been winning because of this. However, most of my friends who use shakehand are now able to smash properly and I'd like to be able to as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question and I really appreciate all the lessons you guys are posting.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Andrew,

Your grip is used by a few players but none that I know of at the top level.  This is due to the limitations that you have found.

If you are willing to try some change I advise you to go to a more conventional shakehand grip.  This opens up so many more possibilities for you to improve your game.  The grip you are using at the moment will always limit you with your forehand.  With a little perseverance you will find you will make changes pretty quickly.

Another thing to watch for when you cchange grips is your feet position.  Most people that use your current grip have their feet in a very backhand position (right foot forward for a right handed player).  If you change your grip be aware to change your stance to a more neutral position.

Good luck with it.  I am sure the change will do you good.  Bite the bullet and go for it.  If you need any other help once you make the change just ask us another question.  We would love to see you make the improvement.

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Andrew Unknown

Andrew Unknown Posted 12 years ago

Thanks for answering! I'm going to make the switch to shakehand and come back with any new questions. Thanks Again!

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