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Matthew Czapek

Matthew Czapek Asked 8 years ago

Hi! I live in Hungary in a little Village. We do have a table tennis table ant bats and balls... but I've managed to reach the level of ping pong knowledge where from I can't increase more skills alone... my dad can play but he's worse than me. Sad thing: the nearest place where I could learn or have lessons is 50 miles away. Do you have any tips? What would you do in a situation like this? (sorry for the bad english)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Matthew,

I think the best solution is to help your dad to learn how to feed multiball.  Then he will be able to help you greatly with you training.

Take a look at the section on Multiball.  If he can do this for you, you will be able to gain a high level of training.

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D K Posted 8 years ago

Your english is not so bad :)

Steve Billmire

Steve Billmire Posted 8 years ago

Hello Matthew,

Alois is right, if you can teach your Dad to feed you multi-ball that would help you a lot with your practice. Also if you could just get him to try and do some rallying with you might help. Can your Dad serve a topspin or backspin ball? If not maybe you could teach him that and get some good returns off of them.

Good luck and have fun. Keep practicing and let us know how you are doing. :-) 

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