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Sean Maynard

Sean Maynard Asked 9 years ago

Hi Alois I know it's been a while  I am finally at my final destination for a while called beautiful sunny Kuwait.  My question is now that I am in an environment that doesn't have like minded players i.e. rec players and no discredit to their skill some of them are quite good, better than me in fact but how can I do some good training with players that just want to play. More specifically one of my most difficult challenges the infamous bounce timing mixed with placement.  I placed 3rd in a tourney here today and oddly enough I haven't played in over a month.   I know after looking back on the game that I lost as to why I lost.  My placement SUCKS bad.  My forehand loop was shock and awe tonight but that only goes so far when you continue to hit it into your opponent's bat.  I am truly not disappointed that I lost I am happy that I was actually trying to change something in my swing to alter the placement of the ball but I am missing something critical and I believe it has something to do with the bounce timing and kind of shifting my cone of fire.  How can I practice this with players that just like to play games and don't really know how to train?  The good thing is I brought something so unique with me that everyone was asking questions and it was great because I'd love to show some tricks and tips with the guys.  Anyway I digress lol ball placement bounce timing the correlation between the two and ways to practice it within friendly games.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Sean,

It has been a while.

Good to hear you are settled.  As for your training, it can become difficult if the others on;y want to play games.

Perhaps you need to set yourself some things to focus on in each game, such as your placement.  You could think about hitting one to each side whenever you get the opportunity.

To change direction, you can take the ball a little earlier or later.  You can also change the direction with the wrist position.  I like to think of it as even a change in the feel of your fingers.

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