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Ro Ma

Ro Ma Asked 8 years ago

Hi. laughing In a group of 5 I won 3 matches 3:0 each and lost 1 match 0:3.

The guy who defeated me 3:0 lost to someone I beat 3:0 surprisingly 0:3.

On top of that he didn't have clean wins 3:0's as I had.

The guy whom I defeated and he defeated the guy who defeated me, he allegedly lost all his matches to the rest of players.

I tried to find scores rulings with no results.

Does anyone know how to rule this?

They told me first that I have the first place but later they placed me in the 2nd place.  Thanks.

Rematch:))  ?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Ro,

The ruling is that is two players are even on numbers of wins then it goes to the result between the two players.  Since he beat you he becomes number 1 and you number 2.  So I think they made the correct ruling.

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Ro Ma

Ro Ma Posted 8 years ago

Thanks Alois.

I wish that there would be more concern in these rules how each player ended up in regard to other players. That would give more reasonable results when something like that happens. For someone to get 1st place, he or she should have such success rate (100%) that there wouldn't be any doubt about quality of particular player. I do understand that it may happen that the best player of a group can loose to the lowest player. It doesn't happen frequently and it could be due to tiredness or different style of play. With the tournament result as I was describing it earlier, to me it would be fair for rematch to get final true assessment of each player after having such conflicting earlier scores. No big deal but I am just trying to get some fairness when I see this type of awkward scores.

Thanks again. 

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