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ghazisarwat syed

ghazisarwat syed Asked 8 years ago

thank you for the reply . The next thing that i wanted to know was about how  you turn your body with the topspin., should we prefer moving the leg front with the topspin or the motion of the shoulder is enough. And for the shake hand grip ., i get my stands quite stiff ., my thumb and the index finger aren t placed properly with every next shot i play . Can u please show me a video that could give me the exact shake hand grip and idea on the loose muscles of hand and on the body posture for topspin.

it will be very knd of you.

Thanking you 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Ghazisarawat,

For the topspin you can move your leg a little as long as you stay balanced.  You really need to move both legs to do this.

For the grip focus on the fingers being relaxed.  This is not something that we can show you in a video.  You need to feel the relaxation in your fingers by focusing on this while you are practicing.  Once you focus on it for a while it will improve. 

Take a look at our lesson on Get a Grip for instruction on how to hold the bat.

For the topspin take a look at our lesson on the Forehand Topspin.  This will show you the basics of what you need to be doing with it. 

Good luck with all of it.  Just keep working hard to improve by spending time on the table and focusing on one thing every time you hit the ball. 

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