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A E Asked 4 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff, I have seen your video on the Tomahawk Serve and I have been doing the stroke correctly, hitting the ball low and brushing it, but I still find I don't generate that much spin with it. I have done the exercises to help develop spin, any other tips?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Shaurya,

It is probably the contact of the bat on the ball that is the issue.  Do the action away from the table and see how much you can get the ball to curve on the floor first.  Also just brush the ball with your bat a few times just to get the feel of what the contact can feel like before actually doing the serving technique.

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Jasper Low

Jasper Low Posted 3 years ago

I think one reason could be that your rubber is bad and can't generate any spin at all. If you rub the ball across the bat and it slides through easily then it's time to replace your rubber 


A E Posted 3 years ago

Well, I wouldn’t consider it easy, more like in the middle, it has a bit of grip but its not that grippy.


toby kim

toby kim Posted 3 years ago

I would change the rubber to something new and spinny.

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