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lakshya pandya

lakshya pandya Asked 8 years ago

i want to say that we have not too much time only we have 2-2:30 hours to play. In that time we have to do physical too.. 

So how we manage time ? And how to work more and more on table ?  and with us there is biggest prob. that we didn't have good coach so how we improve ourself ? :\

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Lakshya,

Firstly it is good that you have that amount of time.  So to utilise it properly, you need to structure your session.

Divide your time into a warm up, skills, and then games and service practice time.

Take a look at our free download of the Training Plan (Word).  You can fill in the plan for your self for each session.  You can also utilise the Training Drills download to help you to fill this in.

Later if you join the Premium membership we have set out a 52 Week Training Plan that you can just follow.

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