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Tushar Verma

Tushar Verma Asked 6 years ago

Hi Coach,

I just want to ask that when the some players lose points they throw their bat on the table or anywhere. Is that legal?

It is a kind of a disrespect to the player's most loyal thing, his equipment.   

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Tushar,

This is not allowed.  At major tournaments with official umpires, they will give the player a yellow card.  If they persist they can lose points and even the whole game if they continue to throw their bat.

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Thoughts on this question

Dean Fitzgerald

Dean Fitzgerald Posted 6 years ago

Its amazing how much hostility Table Tennis can create. At one of the Crib rooms here at the Mt Isa Mine, management had to remove one table because the aggression was getting out of hand. Holes were getting punched and kicked through the fibro interior of the walls after a point loss, a glass pannel got smashed out of a sliding door. When the table tennis starts here at work anyone thats not playing leaves the lunch room and eats outside due to the volume of the verbal abuse and the terrible language involved, also people get scared and get a fright when someone smashes the side of their blade on the edge of the table as it makes a real cracking sound or if someone lays there boot into the fridge door.Arguements over whether or not a ball really did clip the net on a serve are very common. Does anyone know if theres any electronic beeper that could clear that up. Ive only been playing this game a few months so dont know much about it, but i have noticed it creates ' passion maybe, it seems to envoke extreme levels of competitiveness, it also seems to attract people who can fight, ( martial artists etc seem to like it) once our superviser wouldnt let our crew go back to work after lunch for a further 1.5 hours because he was so pissed off he couldent work out a guys serve, and noone was going back to work till he had. Even ive noticed im getting very serious about it, a superviser threatened to remove our table the other day because the crews knocking off work earlier for lunch and at the end of shift just to get warmed up for game play,  i burred up and said you move that xxxxx Table and ill xxxxxx quit. Considering im on 100k a year, in hind sight thats a rather disturbing comment..Help Alois, Whats going on?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 6 years ago

Haha Dean, sounds like a lot of passion going on there.

I think players may need to take a reality check... I guess everyone thinks they are pretty good at Table Tennis so when they lose it hurts them somewhere...

Anyway,... stay safe... never realised this was such a dangerous sport!

Marcin Lonak

Marcin Lonak Posted 6 years ago

This is an issue I find very interesting. Since I believe, table tennis is a very quickening sport. Especially the mind is being quickened, I wonder if the perception of a table tennis player while playing is in some way related to the one of a Tourette person. The Tourette's have a quickened mind as a medical condition. They also swear and burst out louds. Just like the "choos". I believe some players Make short strange loud noises in between of points, witch actually wondered me.

Dean Fitzgerald

Dean Fitzgerald Posted 6 years ago

Hello Marcin, The Tourette Syndrome comparison to Table Tennis associated out bursts of aggression is ummmm, unflatering, complicated, left of centre and unexpected to say the least. When i first read your words i wondered for a second if you were suterly having ago at the less complicated types attracted to the mining industry. I then noticed that the blue print was introducing you as a Premium Member which inturn gave you credability. This game also seems to attract thinkers like yourself and been of Philisofical Science/Meta Physics genre, id have to include myself as been in the plenty of scope/perhaps tendency to over think catogory as well.. Even Alois would maybe admit to have been supprised by unorthodox lines of questioning since been involved with this online question and answer interface. I can definitly see where you coming from if Tourette Syndrome out bursts are indeed caused by a hightened level of consciousness/awareness or increased speed of MotorNuerone Transmission, you may just be right on the money. It would be relitivly easy to nail down i guess by acquiring someone with the condition that has never played the game. You would then teach them the rules, before  gently encouraging them to play for extended periods in an area free of outside influences whilst monitering whether or not out bursts were more or less likely for the test subject. Speaking of throwing the bat, Motercycle helmet maybe advisable in case it turns out your theorys correct. 

Its a very intense game, i practise at home so naturaly expect results the next day at work. If i win a great point in stye with a screaming top spin counter forehand, my opponent once getting back up off the floor after retrieving the ball from under a dinning table is sometimes greeted by me standing there at my end with a firmly held arm holding up my hand which of course is flipping the bird with that single finger. I guess im rewarding myself in a primitive uncouth mannor for been able to produce the effective level of skill required whilst at the same time insulting/showing disrespect to my opponent in an insulated way through using the 'game' or 'shot' as justification and a means of supplying jest, to negate physical reprisal. 

Ive noticed also that very simple minded types do not seem to bother with the game for some reason, hinting that we must be attracted to a physiological reward it somehow offers.

Its a low impact game so it offers easy to obtain intensity compared to say Rugby League.

The game is visually rewarding and offers a method to clearly demonstrate / show off skill. And not only that but the type of skill that matters to people/men. physical speed, accuracy, a smart mind.  I believe this is why martial arts types are atttracted to it, to back that up i noticed  Killer Spin is selling a Limited edition Bruce Lee Racket. Its almost as if, if you can beat another man at Table Tennis you are perhaps a better human on a physical level and would also be better at many other physical actions that are life requirements. This is mirrored in the reward felt in Boxing/kickboxing full contact fight sports to a degree. The game also gives you the authority to make someone else physically react, which may sublimilly be an attraction. I certainly enjoy watching an opponant desperately diving from one side of the table to the other in times of tricky placement. What im getting at is these are all physical  male ego rewarding attibutes that may lead to increased levels of aggression in less mannered /balanced/considerate/type males. The game displays a persons character also. Polite gentle natured people play with a style of considerationto their application of energy, a violent xxxxx will smash and miss alot. Cunning shady caniving sneaky xxxxxxxx seem to play tricky. Maybe the aggression comes from a type of commitment we feel on the table as a result of putting our character and personality out there to fight a war against another. When we lose its personal because our character maybe feels violated.



Marcin Lonak

Marcin Lonak Posted 6 years ago

Hello Dean,

actually i would rather expect someone with a Tourette's syndrome having less outbursts during the game.

about the attraction to martial arts. For me, there is a connection with the footwork in table tennis and tai chi/ Kung fu. Both deal a lot with balance. Also the top Chinese players have a fantastic footwork, fluent and effective like tai chi. I believe, Fan Zhendong was it, asked who is his hero, replied Bruce Lee? So I think the aspects of footwork is the most attractive side for the martial arts people.

Sorry, I don't understand some of your passages, as example: "suterly having ago"?

a premium member doesn't have more credibility. It's just a sign for a paying member.


Marcin Lonak

Marcin Lonak Posted 6 years ago

About knowing the less complicated type of a mine worker.  coming originally from upper Silesia, both my grandfathers were cole mine workers;) they were quite nice guys. Not the aggressive type of warrior and Rather small. Good for colemining.

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