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Kronos Chow

Kronos Chow Asked 12 years ago

Hi coach,

   I have just watched the men's single final of pro tour egypt open, where Achanta Sharath Kamal (India) fought against Li Ching (Hong Kong), and I felt very sad for Li Ching, who lost in straight games.

  Considering their world rankings, Li Ching wouldn't have lost. The problem is, Hong Kong didn't send a coach, and his teammates were not there supporting. Whenever Kamal wins a point, the crowd cheers. When a set ends, Kamal can discuss with his coach, and Li Ching just wanders around alone. In the two of the sets he fought up to 9-11 before losing, but gradually he just lost his spirit and gave up, losing 4-11 on the last.

   How much do you guys value the coach and teammates' support?

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 12 years ago

Hi Kronos,

Having some extra support is always helpful. Here in Australia whenever there is a big football match on, the home team always seems to get an extra lift. I guess it is the same everywhere.

Having said that, generally the most skillful player will manage to find a way to win. So the most important lesson for everyone is to build up your skill level and hence your confidence so that you can play your best even in tough situations. A lot easier said than done I know! And get some extra support whenever you can :) 


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Thoughts on this question

Kronos Chow

Kronos Chow Posted 12 years ago

Thanks for your response, but what about the coach? How important it is to have a coach during a match?

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 12 years ago

Running a coaching website, I am going to be a little biased but I think it is very important and especially for players who are still developing their game. One good idea from your coach during a game can be enough to swing the entire match your way. 

World class players will be very good at figuring out tactics and understanding how a game is progressing and so are probably less dependent on their coach but another set of experienced eyes is bound to help. 

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