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usman rauf

usman rauf Asked 12 years ago


I am a defensive player. I have improved my game much from last 6 days. but the player i play with serves in a way which is almost impossible for me to play. Serve is 2 fast with extreme topspin with a little side spin. his serve curves a little and ends from the left side of table. (i am right handed). Please telll me n effective play. i have tried all your lessons but could not find a solution. Thanx 

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 12 years ago

Hi Usman,

If you are a defensive chopper then you could attempt to play the backhand chop. If his serve has a lot of topspin then the stroke would be very similar to return his serve as it would be for a loop as shown in the lesson.

Even for defensive players it can be a good idea to attack sometimes so you could try to topspin the ball back. You can just use the a small stroke and hit it with a little topspin and this will put your opponent on the defensive.

The best way to practice returning a serve like this is to find someone who can serve it over and over to you and let you learn how to return it effectively. If you can get someone to serve 200 balls just like this, you will really start to improve that particular return. 

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usman rauf

usman rauf Posted 12 years ago

Yeah thanx that helps... I'll b tryin and will tell after somtime.

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