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Claus Hamacher

Claus Hamacher Asked 10 years ago

My serve has improved quite a bit, but often i fail to take advantage of a weak return.

For example, when I do a short topspin pedulum serve from my backhand-corner to my opponents backhand, the return often comes relatively high to my backhand. For a better player than me, it would be perfect for a 3rd ball attack and a killing shot.

I tend to hit those shots into the net or over the table. I am unsure how I should move after my serve. Does it make sense tomove even further to my backhand in order to get a chance for a forehand topspin or is it always right to move towards the middle of the table? The problem is I am not very good at handling high balls with my backhand...

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Claus,

We have recently added a video response to a very similar question.  You can take a look at it. 

Ready position after pendulum serve

If you have any further queries when you watch it please let me know. 

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