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kaivalya dahale

kaivalya dahale Asked 9 years ago

What tactics should we use to gain points from opposition? 

How to return different cut serves on backhand and forehand?

How to improve our concentration?

How to place backhand or forehand pushes to get easy points?


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 9 years ago

Hi Kaivalya,

Great questions!

I'd suggest watching the following video on Basic Tactics from our match strategy course. It explains how spin, speed and placement are the 3 critical things you should be thinking about when playing each opponent. Start by thinking about the type of serve your opponent will have the most trouble with. Then think about your returns. Also think about whether your opponent has a weaker backhand or forehand during the rally. Based on this information you'll have a good idea of where you should play the ball to more often. You can also record all of this information in the PingSkills Vault so you won't forget it.

To return backspin serves, you can use the Backhand Push or Forehand Push. You can also attack the ball if it is long by playing a Forehand Topspin Off Backspin.

Improving your concentration all starts with your practice. Make sure you focus on every ball. As you get better at this your ability to concentrate will improve.

The best place for your pushes really depends on who you are playing. Each opponent will be different. Try to figure out where they least like the ball going to. As you play better and better players, you'll want to either keep the push short and low to stop then attacking it, or otherwise fast and deep to make it harder for them to attack.

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