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Pedro Aquino

Pedro Aquino Asked 11 years ago

Dear coach Alois,

I would like to ask informations on how to play doubles.

So far, I have not seen you or Jeff play doubles. Do you have any videos or DVD's that would get me more improved on double games??

Yours truly,

Pete Aquino

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Pete,

We don't have one at the moment.  It is something that we will add in the future though.

Here are some ideas though.  Firstly you need to work on moving with your partner.  Decide how you will move, whether it is backwards and forwards or side to side.  This will change a bit during the match, but have a basic understanding of the movement.

Then work out what type of serves you want each other to do that will make the next shot easier for you.

Also think about who you are hitting to in each game.  Remember you are only hitting to one person in any game so work out where and what type of shot you want to hit to them.  They will have a weakness that you are trying to expose.

Finally for now also think about positioning the ball to your partners advantage.  If you play cross court you will often expose your partner because the opposition will be able to play wide to them.  If yo hit down the line you will put it in a better position for your partner to be able to cover the next ball.

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