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thijs gruwez

thijs gruwez Asked 7 years ago


I currently play in 2 different leagues. The league where I play every match, we play to 21.

In the other league, I'm a reserve player so I don't play very often. There they play to 11.

Next year, the first mentioned league will play up to 11.

I play Off- and use a lot of different services with many kinds of spin. I have a feeling that playing up to 11 will be a disadvantage for my play since service is changing every 2 points. Should I break down the services up to 2 of 3 different ones?

Any other thoughts I should consider?

When playing to 11 I have the feeling that you can't wait for mistakes but have to atack as fast as possible.

The matches also seem to turn. so an advantage of 8-4 can very fast change to 8-8, It seems easier to remain control over the advantage?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Thijs,

There is a lot talked about the different strategies of games up to 11 or 21.  However, I think one basic thing applies, and that is you need to focus hard on every single point especially the next point.

The serving strategy is still effective.  You need to utilise your serves well for those two serves. In fact it could be more effective for a good server because the receiver has less opportunity to get used to the serves because they only receive 2 in a row.

I don’t think you need to attack any more or less.  It is still a matter of focusing on each point.  Don’t forget too that they play more games when they play up to 11 so there are more opportunities there.

Would be happy to hear other players’ thoughts.

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Gordon Hume

Gordon Hume Posted 7 years ago

Hi, Thijs

Don't worry about this format change at all: just over a year ago when I first started playing in leagues I'd never played to eleven points in my life, and I too was rather worried about what it might mean to my game.  Answer?  Nothing at all.  By the end of the first session it felt like I'd been playing eleven pointers all my life.

As Alois so rightly says, just play the point you're playing, focus only on that.  Many's the time I get caught by surprise when the score reaches 11 and the game/set is over -- if I've won that one, great; if not, there's always the next one, starting again at 0-0.

Best of luck -- and come back and tell us how you got on.  smile

Jared Peterson

Jared Peterson Posted 7 years ago

for me personally, i find i need more control in games to  11 because theyre just isnt much room for error , but the longer 21 point games bring out the more agressive shots because if i mess up i have more time to make up for it

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