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Tevia Sapire

Tevia Sapire Asked 12 years ago

Hi pingskills I have two weird questions that happened to me and I would like to know the ruling on them.

1) If I serve a heavy backspin serve, and after doing the first two bounces( one my side, one on my opponents) and then it goes back over the net onto my side again, :it is my point. However if the ball hits the net but still goes over back to my side( as if it was a let although going the wrong way) is this a let because the ball hit the net on the serve (although not at the usual time :) ) or is it my point because the could not hit it in time?

2) This one is even more complicated... sorry :) If you look at the net post... the part that holds the whole net post to the top of the table on the bottom and top of the table, if a player hits a shot, it nicks the net rolls across the net slightly and then just goes over the net and hits this part( this is on the table officially) and then flies of because this piece has not got a flat edge, who's point is it?

Note these have happened to me so the are not impossible. If you don't understand the second one I could try explain it differently, although it is akward to explain.


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 12 years ago

Hi Tevia,

Very interesting questions.

With regards to question 1, it is your point because your opponent could not hit the ball in time. 

With regards to question 2, any part of the net including the clamps are considered to be part of the net and not part of the table. Therefore if the ball lands on the net clamp it is considered to be the same as hitting the top of the net. This means that if the ball then lands on the table it is considered to be in play. If it does not then land on the table, then it has not been a valid shot.

I hope this helps clear things up. 

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Tevia Sapire

Tevia Sapire Posted 12 years ago

thanks pingskills, this helps a lot :)

Great site

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