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Leeman Harrington

Leeman Harrington Asked 4 years ago

Hey coach, I've been running some small tournaments on my table at home since last October and have recently linked up with a local Table Tennis Facebook Group who has no good place to play (save the smokey bar they begrudgingly frequent). However, it's come to my attention that my basement is not at all big enough to support much more than 6 players, so I want to expand into a larger space.

I've found an accessible space big enough for a 4-table layout, and I've calculated some costs (overhead, equipment) and potential incomes (sponsors, nominal fees, tournaments).

What are some other things I should be thinking about when starting and sustaining my own table tennis club?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Leeman,

Firstly well done on the initiative.  

I think the some things to consider are:
Be inclusive of all levels of players
Have a welcoming environment - it can be quite daunting to arrive at a new club by yourself
Provide a variety of activities such as coaching, free practice time, competitions
Encourage players to explore beyond the club as they increaser their abilities

I am sure there are other things that other readers will be able to add.

We did a podcast a while ago that may also help.

Ask The Coach Show #85 - How to Run a Successful Club.

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Leeman Harrington

Leeman Harrington Posted 4 years ago

Thank you, coach!

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