Ask The Coach Show #85 - How to Run a Successful Club

8 years ago

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How to Run a Successful Club - 0:24

Guest Mark Taylor talks about how to run a successful club

Yesterday's #PQOTD - 18:47

What was the most important thing you learned at your first tournament?

#PQOTD - 21:54

Have you started using the plastic balls yet?

Club Update - 22:20

Christopher: Hi Jeff and Alois! Just an update on the club, we have implemented a few of the suggestions you gave and numbers have been steadily increasing. We hit our peak a few days ago (about 24 people with 4 tables) and may need to look at another venue. Thank you!

Pivoting - 22:52

Bhaswar: When a ball comes (not much fast)on the left side of the table i go to the left hand corner and try to play the forehand topspin stroke...while doing it very fast (the movement) I lose balance and move away from the table. What should i do to stop this?

Who is the Best? - 24:41

Brock: Who is the better one between all three of you?

Returning a Long Sidespin Serve - 25:05

Lukas: A couple of days ago I started using a fast topspin against a very spinny sidespin serve. It worked pretty good for me. Is this an effective way to return the serve, or is there a better way? (Short push, chop or something else)

PingSkills Premium Membership - 26:29

Edgar: I want a premium membership for one month only, but apparently you charge my paypal account every month. How do I get one month only to try it out?

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