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Gerard McCarthy

Gerard McCarthy Asked 11 years ago


Now that I have about 4 weeks till club competition starts up again, I'm looking for that little psychological edge at the start of a match. I immediately pictured one of your signature moves, in which you hit the ball with heavy backspin and catch it in the palm of your right hand and watch it spin on the spot, seemingly for ages.

I desperately need this move. I've been trying this while practising the wrist snap of pendulum serves away from the table but still feel really clumsy with it. Rarely do I get it to spin there magically like you do.

So now I need you to give me a detailed step by step action plan to duplicate your move. I need to know in detail the precise movement of the catching hand before and after contact. Yes - a complete biomechanical breakdown. Don't you dare tell me to just go away and try it out for 10,000 hours and then I'll be elite. I want videos on the hand angle, palm tilt, nestling action of the fingers if any, slow mos showing the acceleration and deceleration around ball contact ...etc.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Very funny Gerard...

I will have to take it on to do a video of this for your information.

The fist step is to get really dry skin... 

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