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Sasha Savic

Sasha Savic Asked 8 years ago

Hi, Pingskills

Thanks to your lessons, I have definitely impoved my game. Being defensive player, I have welocmed your videos about footwork for defenders and tactics for defenders.

But, I am little bit struggling with sidespin serve. Here is my problem

In your video Zhang Zhi Ke' se serve you serve across the ball, or the back of the ball. So it is clear that the ball will go down the line, but, it will curve on the side eventually.

But, I want to get my side spin more wide, something like He Zhe Wen. I have seen that video, and, whenever I try to serve I hit the ball with the edge of my blade, because I can't hit it on the side. What shoud be my blade angle for this, where to hit the ball exacty, and should my elbow be higher or lower, those are things that I want to know. You can certainly tell me crucial information to improve this serving.

Thanks in advance

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Sasha,

Keep the bat at the same angle but get your swing going more from behind your body to more towards the far corner of the table.  This will get the ball going to that corner.  However the most effective way is to use your subconscious by just putting a target on the table, where you want the ball to land and keep aiming at it during a solid serving practice session.

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