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Last updated 5 years ago

Shaikh abdul mannan Mannan

Shaikh abdul mannan Mannan Asked 5 years ago

  1. Who will serve first.
  2. If my opponent miss to hit the ball so who will do the serve?
  3. Please answer my question.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Abdul,

To decide who serves first you can toss a coin and then the winner of the toss can decide to serve first, receive first or they can choose an end.

If you miss the serve completely it is a point to your opponent.  The order of serving remains the same, i.e. players have 2 serves each and then change.

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james chamb

james chamb Posted 5 years ago

Thank you.  Not too hard to follow with singles.  I play with a lot of seniors, the confusion comes in doubles for us.  Especially in a five set series.  It becomes messed up on who serves to who after the second game and the shift on the fifth set.  Can you help us out please.


James from AR

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 5 years ago

Hi James,

Take a look at this video on Doubles Serving Rules and let me know if that answers your questions.

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