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Curtis Lewis

Curtis Lewis Asked 8 years ago

Hey Alois and Jeff,

I wanted your opinion on how to return a particular pendulum serve. In the situation, I typically stand about arm+paddle's length away from the table (perhaps a bit more at times), with my left shoulder in line with the left edge of the table (I'm right handed). I tend to keep my right toe in line with my left heel in order to favor my forehand a bit more. 

My opponent (right handed) serves from his backhand corner with a medium to high toss serve. His swing just brushes the back of the ball and imparts a decent amount of topspin and side-spin toward my backhand side. The final result is a short serve that typically bounces once on my side before continuing on, off the left side of the table. 

Any input of the footwork and strokes I have available to return are greatly appreciated. I usually use the stance I mentioned because he regularly uses long serves. 

Thanks in advance!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Curtis,

For this wide ball to your backhand side, step to the left with your left leg.  This is the only time we recommend you move your left leg in for a shorter ball.  Then make a flick stroke as the serve has a bit of topspin on it.  You can also think about making a topspin stroke because the ball is only bouncing once on your side.  Wait for the ball to go off the side and then you can make a fuller stroke.

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Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 8 years ago

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