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sarthak gupta

sarthak gupta Asked 9 years ago

hey jeff!

hey i had a good news so i just thought to tell you about it...... ive been selected for the district team of mine! and one more thing.... i needed some tips from you like if im depressed what should i do to gain confidence and how to do my best in tournaments, practice really hard and things like that


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Sarthak,

Well done.  When will you be competing?

I think you need to think about focusing for each point.  If you work hard for each tie you haven't got time to worry about what has happened.

You can practice this during your training sessions as well.

The other thing that helps is to take a few seconds between points to take a deep breath and then focus on your tactics for the next point.

Good luck for your tournament.

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sarthak gupta

sarthak gupta Posted 9 years ago

well... i dont really know when  would be competing.... but i have three really main problems which i want you to solve.... nowadays my topspin has been going so bad and whenever i try to do a topspin it always goes flat and my coach starts shouting at me! im really very much depressed with this thing.... i just try real hard for practicing it but it never happens. it used to happen every single time before but i dont know why it just started not going since 2-3 days.... and the other main problem is that i cant decide where to place the ball during matches....... and the third is that sometimes when i hit the ball... it hits the edge of my racket and goes in the air.... so can you give me some ips regarding these problems


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 9 years ago

HI Srathak,

Sounds like you are trying too hard.  This will lead to tension in the arm and therefore you will start making more mistakes.  You need to just focus on the strokes and relax.  You are probably tense because of the competition coming up.

You already know how to do the strokes and play the game.  Just allow yourself to do it.

sarthak gupta

sarthak gupta Posted 9 years ago

ok...  thanks for the advice alois!

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