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STAN HARDING Asked 9 years ago

What happens if there is a scoring error with a dispute between players and so often non qualified umpire.

Question 2

in a doubles match ,as is often the case players serve out of turn then someone raises the question. Do they play as is and with score as is or do they have to replay back to where they should be.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Stan,

This is always a difficult one if there is no qualified umpire.  You just have to work it out the best way you can.  It is really up to the umpire to make the call and the decision.  Whatever he thinks has to stand.  The only rule that covers this is that the umpire decides of points of facts such as what the score is.

For the doubles, you don't replay the point.  As soon as the error is realised you make the changes to correct it back to how it is supposed to be for the next point. For example, change who is supposed to be serving at that point but you don't take the score backwards.  Hope this is explained clearly.


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