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RAVINDRA HOTTI Asked 3 years ago

Hi There,

Happy New Year,

Have been watching all the youtube videos to hone the TT skills.

When I am the table, I find it very difficult to return heavy side spin serves.  Whatever angle I turn the bat the ball never falls on the table.  It is either on one side of the table or on the other side.  Even if falls, it is a very very dull return.

Can you please give your suggestions.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Ravindra,

Learning to return spin is a really difficult part of the game.

The main thing is to watch the contact of the server.  Watch which way they brush the ball.  Then watch the reaction off your bat.  Putting these two parts of information together is very important.  Try to link the action to the reaction.  The more times you see the action and reaction and record what happened the more information you will gain and then eventually you will start to be able to react naturally to the action.

Use the angle of your racket to guide the ball back initially.

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