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Gunkaran Karan

Gunkaran Karan Asked 4 years ago

1.i want to ask what to do when we receive sidespin or backspin serve because when i go to return it, either it goes out of the table or hits the net, what to do?

2.i m a forehand dominant player .so which serve should i use?

3.i m using stag 4 star which racquet should i upgrade.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Gunkaran,

When receiving the serve focus on the angle of your racket. IF the ball is going to the left then angle your racket more to the right and so on.  This key principle will help you to work out how to return any serve.  Don't try to make it more complicated than that.

As a forehand dominant player I find the Pendulum serve works well because it allows you to get into position to play a forehand more easily on the next ball after the serve.

I would upgrade to a racket with something like a Mark V or Sriver rubber.  The blade doesn't matter too much.

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