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Vince Unknown

Vince Unknown Asked 14 years ago

I'm having trouble returning my friends serve. He hits it really fast and super low with a lot of topspin. It's too low for me to backhand loop it so I have to push it. When I push the ball towards his forehand side he proceeds to smash it back in my face and I cannot defend it. If I push it towards his backhand he pretty much does the same thing. His smashes dominate me. I feel if I had a better return on the serve he wouldn't be able to destroy me with the smash. He is also using short pips out on both sides so adding spin to the ball does nothing because he just powers through it. How can I return this type of service?

Another one of his serves is he hits if far to my right up in the corner at the net and I have to virtually go around the table to get it (I'm right handed and so is he). His serves are super fast and low. Very hard to return. How can I defend this because if I do get the ball on the table I am out of place and he smashes it passed me?

I need help guys.

Thank you,


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 14 years ago

Hi Vince,

If he is serving with topspin you need to hit through the ball with a topspin or couterhit stroke.  Don't try to push it because as you said he will smash the ball back at you because the return will be too high.  No matter how low you think the ball is itis till bouncing high enough for you to hit through with topspin.  It has to because it has bounced over the net.

For the ball that he serves wide to you try to make a topspin stroke.  Becaus eit is going wide it will mean it only bounces once on the tabel which will allow you to topspin.  Practice this stroke and work on getting more spin rather than speed.  That is what players with short pimples do not like. This will also give you more time to get back into position.

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