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Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Asked 5 years ago

Hi guys.  I haven't needed to ask a question for a while but now have a new experience to explore.

A guy I play regularly at work is introducing a new serve.  He is attempting to be deceptive with his bat angle to switch between topspin and backspin serves but hasn't quite got it yet.  They are difficult to read despite me watching the contact closely, because his intention is clear but the execution doesn't deliver the intent. As a result he is very inconsistent and ends up delivering a lot of low/no spin serves that look like they are spinney. They are usually quite low and mainly mid-long but sometimes very short.

When I do get it right, a simple fast BH counter hit down the line or a FH cross court flick beats him every time, but I inevitably end up pushing when I should flick or topspin and visa versa so consequently net the ball or put it over the table.  I think the main issue is I'm treating a no spin ball as if it had spin.

So, what return should I try next to deal with a no-spin or low BS/TS, mid-long low ball?

Cheers, Rohan.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

HI Rohan,

If the serves are short with no spin then utilise the flick that you are trying now.  If the serves do go long, one bounce on your side, then make a topspin.  Keep this simple principle to start with.

The other important thing is to recognise the type and amount of spin on the serve.  To get help with this go to the Introduction to Receiving section.  This is not a simple process but it does take time and trial and error as well.


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