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AmekunRaiane Rivadeneira

AmekunRaiane Rivadeneira Asked 9 years ago

Hi pingskills team

I've been a big fan of Kenta Matsudaira and watched almost all of his games already

Can i get some recommendations to what games i can watch that will give me plenty of insight?

Before i watched the game b/w ryu seu ming and waldner and it was wonderful.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Amekun,

There is so much out there now.  Our readers will be able to help you out here.

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bertus bertus

bertus bertus Posted 9 years ago

There is so much to find on youtube.But here are some video's for you I think are nice to watch!

Kenta vs MaLin WTTC 2009! (Specialy the 2nd half of the video is great!)

Japan top 12 is full with awesome shots! (The whole QDL channel is great)

MaLong at his best!

A training video done by MaLong himself with embedded English subtitles


Jonathan Schmollinger

Jonathan Schmollinger Posted 9 years ago

Me personally I love watching offense versus defense.

and many more.

AmekunRaiane Rivadeneira

AmekunRaiane Rivadeneira Posted 9 years ago


thx for the recommendation

but i watched those already :)


i also love watching those types of matches

my favorite is the match b/w wa liqin vs joo see hyuk :)

Gordon L

Gordon L Posted 9 years ago

A couple good "comeback" matches:

Michael Maze vs Hao Shuai

Zhang Jike vs Jun Mizutani


Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Posted 9 years ago

I don't think there are specific matches per se which are particularly instructive for everyone. 

There certainly are a LOT of match videos out there...and more being added all the time.

I think, two key considerations are: if there is a certain player you particularly admire or wish to emulate, and also I find videos shot from a low angle is best because you can more clearly see the stroke, how low the players crouch, and how much spin they are actually putting on the ball.

leonardo gabica

leonardo gabica Posted 9 years ago

berry vs miao miao

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