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Tushar Rajguru

Tushar Rajguru Asked 9 years ago

Hi coach , I am facing this problem since the starting of my career . If suppose my opponent do a middle range sidespin serve ( serve that takes its third bouce on the table ) , then generally I gets so much confused that whether I should receive it  with a push or a counter , if I push that ball then it will either goes high on my opponents side or if I try to push that ball with a cut then it goes outside the table , and if I try to receive that ball with a counter then due to its sidespin it goes into the net , so I am so much confused on how to receive properly such kinds of serves , so please help me .

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Tushar,

This is a difficult part of the game.

Since it is going to bounce again on your side of the table you should try to push it.  Then it is a matter of understanding the type of spin on the ball.  The spin can change from topspin to backspin on different serves.  If you can read this then you will be able to return them.

If it has topspin then you can cover over the ball a bit more.  If it has a lot of backspin then you can brush under the ball more.

For a lot more help on returning different spins we have the Receiving Secrets lessons.  If you can take out a Premium membership you will be able to view all of these lessons and gain a deeper understanding on reading spin and the types of returns you should make.

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