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Harun Permadi

Harun Permadi Asked 7 years ago

Hi Jeff Plumb,

My Name is Harun Permadi. I have problem with unintended habit during playing ping pong. I often react to hit the ball faster before the ball comes to the peak point, and the ball often goes down and hits the net.

I analize by my self it is because of my racket moves over and hits the ball from upper and not from correct point.

This is what I feel.... When my racket moves earlier and my hand doesn't feel the ball contact at the moment, it tends to swings down, and hits the ball from slightly upper position.

It is so frequently  I do especially when my opponent using antispin rubber or using short pimples rubber. You know this kind of rubber makes a ball comes slowly. Or sometime they are using bigslam rubber. the racket sounds loudly and it influences me to react faster instead of watching and waiting the ball before hitting..

What should I really do to void my incorrect habit. Thanks very much


Harun Permadi

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Harun,

This is a common problem especially against anti spin rubber and short pimples.  The best way to improve this is to listen to the ball.  Make sure you are hitting the ball in the same place in relation to your body.  Wait for the ball to come into your hitting zone before touching it.

I find by players focusing on this hitting spot they will adjust automatically to let the ball come to them instead of rushing out to meet it.

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