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D K Asked 4 years ago

Greetings PingSkills Team,

please,do you have any guide how should the turning on one side correctly performed?
Especially in case of chopping,I need to perform a 180° spin,but I do not know what should be the powersource of such a movement. Also,if my opponent sends the ball very wide, I can usually counter such a stroke but I cannot reach the next down-the-line ball as I usually kick my own leg or hit it or kick my bat or stomp on my own feet while performing the turnaround etc. And the distances I move on are too big for some shuffling steps I think.

Please advise

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi DK,

The movement needs to be a jump and twist at the same time.  You are right the shuffle is too slow in this situation.

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D K Posted 4 years ago

So if I understand it well,I must jump up and rotate my body while in the air??!! :OO

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