Table Tennis Strokes and Technique

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Johnny Long

Johnny Long Asked 4 years ago


My coach have taught me to keep my push small and gentle.

He told me to keep the movement of my bat small. 

However, I find that this doesn't work against very heavy spins. I need to really come under the ball and slice it to get the ball over.

So my question is, should my push always be small and gentle, or they should have more momentum and spin, or it can vary?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Johnny,

For the heavy backspin ball you can still just adjust the angle of your racket even further back so that the ball goes over the net.  You really don’t need a big swing.

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Thoughts on this question


D K Posted 4 years ago

And how to chop (really chop,put my own powerful backspin) a heavy long push ?

Is it even possible?

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