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John Mayne

John Mayne Asked 11 years ago

I started playing local competition matches a few weeks ago.  I tend to have a problem about pressure such as when the opponent has a match point or when i have a match point.  My performance drops dramatically and i usually lose the point.  What can i do to keep my cool and stop the pressure when i am playing.  And also, can i drink water after a point when i am playing?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi John,

This is a problem that everyone has. Some are able to cope with it better than others.

You need to develop a routine that yo can do between points.  If you can keep this routine during the tight times then you will find it easier to cope.  If you find yourself tightening up as everyone does, including your opponent, take a few seconds to focus on your tactic for the next point.  This could be as simple as where you are going to serve the next ball, or what direction you will play to them in the rally.

Keep things simple in this situation.  Go back to what you know, your routine.

You are only allowed to towel or drink after every 6 points.  You can use this time well if you feel that you are starting to tighten. 


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