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Oliver Asked 9 years ago

Hi Coaches,

One of the things I hear the most is "focus Oliver". I can understand this, but for some reason, when I play outside of mainstream table tennis (i.e. instead of using topspins and counterhits etc), I seem to play better. When I lob and play strange shots in the game, I always seem to get better results. I've played for a couple of years, have some experience, so outside the "Ping Pong Zone", and the balls do travel at around 150km/h, but for some reason, when I play this style, I seem to win more games. This leads to the question: what benefits do playing normal, mainstream shots have? And can you give me an explanation based on your own experiences?

Thank you very much

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Oliver,

Unorthodox shots work well up to a certain level.  However to get to the highest level, that is where you need to play your strokes with good technique.  The topspin that is generated by the strokes is what is going to allow you to play with more speed and spin.

One thing that you may be doing well when you are 'mucking around' is that you are remaining relaxed and allowing yourself to play. Perhaps when you are playing 'properly' you are tightening up a little.  There is a place in a players game for something different that they do well but overall stick with the regular strokes to give yourself the best chance to get the top.

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Oliver Posted 9 years ago

Okay thank you very much. I understand now

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