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Vishwa Kalra

Vishwa Kalra Asked 10 years ago

hi .. first of all,,, lots of thanks and credit to u for my 4th position in the tournament i participated in...

thanks for your all answers and your videos which helped me in defeating the opponent who was gold medalist last year by 1-3 in best of 5 sets....

but that was the story till quarter finals....
but when i reached semi finals, i was facing a player who was using a Phantom Long Pimpled Rubber... he was chopping the ball, and some times it was simply back spinning and but sometimes it was i think top spinning or floating up a bit....and that was to with a slight change in the way of chopping...,... and that messed up my semi finals and 3rd place match.... almost 40% if the total participating players were using PHANTOM LONG PIMPLED RUBBER on one side and YASAKA ANTI SPIN on the other side.....

so as when they use to chop the ball, the ball after hitting my bat, goes at a height where they could counter it easily with that anti spin side....

welll i am having another tournament from 16 to 19 august.... and i wanna prepare myself for that.... so kindly help me by sharing that technique of playing with these long pimple they can do that back spin and topspin or float with nearly the same action...

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Vishwa,

Well done on your result.

Dealing with the long pimples will be a matter of feeling the effect of the rubber.  The biggest factor as to what spin you get is what spin to give it.  If you topspin the ball you will get backspin and if you play with backspin you will get topspin.   This means that you can script what type of spin you want to come back.

I like to serve with backspin to the pimples and get a topspin ball returned that I can attack.  The heavier the backspin serve the more topspin will come back.

We have a lesson as part of our Match Strategy Course on Playing Against Long Pimples.  This  is available to our Premium Members.  This wold be a worthwhile investment before your next tournament to see how we explain the technique of playing long pimples.

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Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar Posted 10 years ago

Well I haven't played with any player who uses long pimples till now. We don't have any club here, only me and 3 of my friends play here - all using the normal rubber. So i don't have any experience of long pimpled rubbers till now! On 17th august there is competition of table tennis so this long pimpled rubber is going to be a nightmare for me :(

Vishwa Kalra

Vishwa Kalra Posted 10 years ago

which tournament re.. ???

kaha rehta hai tu ... ???

Abhishek Rohatgi

Abhishek Rohatgi Posted 9 years ago

Is playing with phantom allowed in India (national)........If yes then which version (there are many versions in it)

Wii              F/E- MARK-V

                  B/E- phantom

                                            be a good choice 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 9 years ago

Hi Abhishek,

These Phantom rubbers are approved.  There is a listing on the ITTF website in their Equipment section of all the approved rubbers.

37 Phantom 0011 ∞ Long   Yasaka
38 Phantom 0012 ∞ Long   Yasaka 012
39 Phantom 007 Long   Yasaka Phantom 007
40 Phantom 008 Long   Yasaka Phantom 008
41 Phantom 009 Long   Yasaka Phantom 009

Ahmed Anter

Ahmed Anter Posted 9 years ago

It is so frustrating that they beat you without much effort.You know that feeling when they are playing with you and ask the next player to get ready?

ganesh janakan

ganesh janakan Posted 9 years ago

"What you play is what you get back"- thats the strategy for playing against phantom rubber. A Phantom player cannot control his return by the type of stroke he plays. This means that you should forget his hand movement or action, like chop or topspin action. Irrespective of his action, the return ball is just the reverse of your previous shot. just remember these words!

Its very easy to beat a long pimpled player since they have limitations and depend on your inability to understand that type of play.

victor pol  llana

victor pol llana Posted 4 years ago

nightmare is when you see phantom attacking.. ;)

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