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Table Tennis Match Strategy

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Kiran Ponnaluri

Kiran Ponnaluri Asked 10 years ago


 I have taken a look at the Mental Preparation section and it contains many nice questions well answered.Thanks.

Can you please give me tips/inputs/strategy on how the game should be approached in a tournament when I am playing a stronger/experienced opponent?

The usual story has been that I can try and get up to 7-8 points out of 11 in a set.  Also I have sometimes noticed that I tend to play more cautiously to avoid unforced errors.

Thanks in advance.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Kiran,

I think playing against better players is about implementing some basic tactics.  Take a look at this lesson we have on 'Beating players better than you'. Check out this video

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Kiran Ponnaluri

Kiran Ponnaluri Posted 10 years ago

Thanks a lot Alois. Very nice video and this has enabled clarity of thoughts for me during the game. :)

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