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Mike Deubig

Mike Deubig Asked 6 years ago

I watched your video in the premium section and thought it was outstanding for tactics against a person who uses long pips but to me it looked more like a defensive player who uses long pips than an attacker who uses long pips. I play against both styles who use long pips. What do you suggest as far as tactics when playing against a long pips player who is able to loop pretty well? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Mike,

We will have to get onto making a lesson about this.

A basic principle is to play deep to the backhand side to the long pimples and make the first attack when you can.  If their forehand attack is very strong, this will force them to pivot to make a forehand.  When they start pivoting well, change the direction to wide to their forehand to upset their balance.

You can work out where it is best to attack to.  Sometimes it is best to keep it to their long pimples side but you can also try attacking to the forehand side where their block may not be as strong as their attack.

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