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Leon Victoriano

Leon Victoriano Asked 8 years ago

Hey, coach! I went to the Table Tennis Club near my house a couple of days ago and it was quite the experience. There were a lot of tables and balls flying all over the place! Everyone was doing training drills with balls flying everywhere. Multiball, right?

Anyhow, as soon as I entered the building, a couple coaches were already asking me to train under them (with payment of course) I still had to make up my mind whether I was serious enough a Table Tennis player to actually hire a coach so I just played with my brother the entire time I was there. A couple coaches DID give me sample lessons, about 10 minutes each.

By the end of the day I deemed that I was quite serious about table tennis and how i wanted to get better at the game and compete in competitions (I don't see myself getting 1st place, just being able to reach fairly close is fine by me, perhaps top 10 or so).

This leads me to my question: How can I pick a coach?

The hourly lesson fee isn't too expensive. I could afford it. Though I want to improve I can only go every weekend and will only pay for 2 hours worth of lessons, one for saturday and another for sunday. The rest of the time will be spent on games with the other club members. Is this good pacing for a beginner? Should I practice under a couple coaches and see which coach i like best? Or should I just pick the best player/coach?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Leon,

Interesting situation.

I would look at the personality of the coaches first.  Perhaps watch them training other players and see which style of coaching you like.  Also ask around with other players.  See the players they are coaching and see the style of the players they are producing too.

I would then pick one and see how it works out.  Sounds like you a blessed with choice so if it doesn't work out you can always move on.

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Jared Peterson

Jared Peterson Posted 8 years ago

My friend who introduced me to table tennis gave me some very helpful advice when i was in the same situation as you. He told me to ask the coaches "whats the easiest way for me to get really good at table tennis" and only the coaches who explain that there is no easy way to get good and that through hard work and dedication is the only way to get good, actually care about improving you and helping you, hope that helps :)

Mike Deubig

Mike Deubig Posted 8 years ago


What a great club in your local area! Are you a weekend player or are you planning to play some during the week at the club? I would suggest you begin with one lesson on Saturday, and then work on what you had learned from your coach after your lesson and on Sunday. If your able, I would suggest you have your next lesson during the week if possible. Don't get in the habit of paying for a practice partner. There should be players at the club who you can practice with. The lesson is a learning tool for the most part. And it can be intense. Personality like coach Alois said is key. Sometimes you work on things during a lesson that is better when it's your coach. I also have a coach (actually two if you count super coach, Alois who has given me tips that has helped my game :)), I find that one hour a week is good for me because I mostly play on the weekends at the club. My work hours do not allow playing time during the week unless I take off.

Coaching has definitely helped my game, I believe I can become a better play now than I was back in college and about five years after that. I left the game for many years only playing on rare occasions due to other things happening in my life, only to return two years ago...It took me a bit to adapt to the shorter game and bigger ball along with encountering various styles of play but it's fine. Now I'm becoming a better player. So if you want to be a good table tennis player, coaching is the way to go! :) 

Leon Victoriano

Leon Victoriano Posted 8 years ago

Hey! Thanks for replying fellow players! I haven't been able to get back to the club yet but I'm planning to return this coming Saturday and hopefully narrow down my coach choices.

Jared, thanks for the advice man! You're advice(also your friend's) is good and I'll use that to narrow down my choices. 

Mike, I think I'll only be going to the club every weekend. I'm pretty sure I can spend at least an hour per day on the weekends for coaching lessons and I think I could also do a couple more hours doing sparring with regulars, though I haven't gotten to talking much with any of them since they were all training intensively when I got there.(I played with my dad).  

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