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andrew brand

andrew brand Asked 12 years ago

Hi Alois,

i have not asked any questions for a while as my table tennis journey has been very positive this last year or so with a lot of advancement, but something has come up that i had to ask u about.  i already own serving secrets revealed, but recently saw some pics of top players serving and in particular timo boll, did the pendulum serve with the grip u talk about in the dvd, but his index finger was going right up the edge of the rubber pointing to the nose of the bat, as opposed to up the middle of the rubber as u discuss in the dvd. it was on the ittv home page intro video.  i wondered would i be getting more spin out of this serve which i have used for over 2 years if i placed my index finger up the side of the rubber like Timo, or should i keep it up the middle of the rubber? it may be trivial but as i am playing a higher level now every edge counts, and it may win me a few more vital points to improve the spin of my serve. i appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Andrew,

The best thing is to try them both out.  It is fine to have your finger in either position because from both spots you can get back into the normal grip quite easily in time for the third ball.

I feel that when the finger is too far back it locks your wrist a little more which isn't conducive to generating spin.  But you may feel like you have more power on the stroke by pushing through more firmly with the finger.

Give the new grip a try and see how it feels for you.

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Vinh Cao duy

Vinh Cao duy Posted 8 years ago

I have been trying to train this kind of serve, but It's effect is not good yet. Your index finger, here make me more clear. Thanks

Vinh Cao duy

Vinh Cao duy Posted 8 years ago

In the video, I would like to ask that. Lifting your arm to make the pendulam serve, It's necessary or not?

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 8 years ago

Hi Vinh,

I think it's good to get your elbow up high and then use it as a fulcrum so you can move your forearm and mainly your wrist to generate the spin on the ball.

Marv Anderson

Marv Anderson Posted 8 years ago

I find that that when my elbow is high, it is remarkable how many different kinds of spin I can get on the ball with very minor changes in the paddle motion.  It becomes all about the wrist, with just a little movement of the forearm.  I think that will make it very hard for an opponent to see what is coming.

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 8 years ago

Great to hear Marv. This is why so many people like the pendulum serve :)

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